kamile adomaityte

For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in arts. When I had to choose my career path, I chose BA studies in Graphics. Later on, I completed my MA in Painting. The studies went smoothly, my lecturers appreciated my work and to constantly encouraged me to create. I am truly happy about this experience since it expanded my understanding of arts and revealed versatile possibilities of self-expression.

My acquaintance with professional photography started in the second year of my BA studies when I went to Hildesheim University in Germany and began to study Analogue and Digital Photography. And I got completely carried away by it! This was a sphere where I could use all my previously acquired knowledge about colours, light and composition. Here I can reveal my artistic nature and show what is sometimes invisible, what is inside a person. The language of photography has become my language.

I have been active in photography for eight years, during which I have collected valuable experience in both photography and other branches of art. I have tried many genres till I discovered the most enjoyable area for me – wedding photography. How many emotions and feelings, how much excitement, joy and love is experienced on that day! I am truly happy to be the person who accompanies the newlyweds from the preparation stage till the midnight fireworks and lanterns. It is a mystical day!

I am genuinely happy when I take pictures in weddings since I feel in the right place. I meet plenty of wonderful people, I love seeing happy newlyweds with their eyes shining for joy on the most special day of their lives. We experience together all those special moments which turn into wonderful, emotional and warm photographs. Each wedding ceremony is different and enchanting every time I take part in them.